Where and Who

The VGate platform is hosted at the INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes.

The partner involved in the platform are:

    - The INRIA project teams:

            - Moais

            - Perception

            - Evasion

  1. -The 4D View Solutions company

The VGate team:

    Edmond Boyer (edmond.boyer(at)inrialpes.fr) - INRIA Perception

    Bruno Raffin    (bruno.raffin(at)inria.fr) - INRIA Moais

    Eric Amat - INRIA Perception/Moais

    Benjamin Petit - INRIA Perception/Moais

    Thomas Dupeux - INRIA Perception/Moais

    Jean-Denis Lesage - INRIA Moais

    Hervé Mathieu - INRIA

    François Faure - INRIA Evasion

    Clément Ménier - 4DViews

    Florian Geffray - 4DViews

    Laurence Boissieux - INRIA

    Michaël Adam - INRIA Evasion

    Florent Falipou - INRIA Evasion

    Richard Broadbridge - 4DViews

Vgate is a new immersive environment that allows full-body immersion and interaction with virtual worlds. It is a join initiative of computer scientists from computer vision, parallel computing and computer graphics from the INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes Lab and the 4D View Solutions company.

Vgate virtualizes users into graphical objects that capture shapes and appearances in real time and can be plugged in any virtual reality application. This environment provides tools for new interactive and immersive experiences, including telepresence applications when users are on distant sites.


IJDMB article published: Multicamera Real-Time 3D Modeling for Telepresence and Remote Collaboration

VGate @ Siggraph Emerging Technologies 2009, New Orleans from the 3rd to the 7th of August. Experience a new way to be present in virtual world and to interact with it. Wear the HMD and penetrate inside the acquisition space surrounded by cameras and you will be reconstructed in 3D into a virtual world where you can see yourself and touch virtual objects.

Come and see us: Booth ET0063 Room 351 on the 3rd floor.

More info here: Siggraph Etech

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