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4D View Solutions

4D View Solutions, or '4D Views', brings to market a 3D video technology developed at the French INRIA Rh�ne-Alpes laboratoires. This technology films real and dynamic scenes in 3 dimensions and produces a real-time 3D video output stream. The 3D video stream reproduces both the color and geometric information of the filmed scene and can be watched in real-time from new viewpoints other than those provided by the cameras used, thus providing a free viewpoint video. The information in the three dimensional video can be used directly as video information or it can be integrated into other downstream visual editing, 3D analysis, and 3D decisional systems. This 3D camera has several applications under study in several domains including sports training, sports medicine, film, video and television production, industrial process control, product deformation observation during testing, as well as in telecommunicaiton systems.

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